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Leif Krantz started Great Expectations as a band 1996. And as a studio in the spring of 2003, staffing a well-qualified production team that offers a variety of services. Leif Krantz is a full-round musician with an extensive experience within a range of music genres both as a composer, performer and producer. He is an experienced guitar player, both acoustic and electric guitar, from classical to rock. He has played with former Crazy Town drummer James Bradley Jr.and Bass player Boni Kefentse from Atlanta. He is one of few people in Sweden who plays the classical Indian instrument Sitar and has performed on several occasions for big audiences. For those who are currently shopping their own material whether you are a band, singer, songwriter or producer we would like to hear your material. If we like what we hear we’ll provide you with studio production and a chance to sign to a major label and help you get your songs published.

Send your music as mp3 file to: info@ge-studio.se

If you need to get in touch with us, please contact us thru the site or send an email to us info@ge-studio.se